FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is GETOF.NET for.

GETOF.NET makes downloading from the Internet easy, fast and convenient. With our help, you can download audio, video and other files for free from popular sites and social networks, such as youtube.com, reddit.com, twitch.com, vimeo.com and more than 50 sites.

How to use the service?

As easy as pie. Copy the link to the video you want to download, paste this link into the appropriate field on the main page and click on the “DOWNLOAD” button.

What sites can you download from?

You will see all supported sources on the homepage.

Advantages of the GETOF.NET service.

1. Fast and convenient download method.
2. You do not need to install additional programs or extensions.
3. When downloading a video, you can (optionally) download music only.
4. A large number of supported resources.

Where are the downloaded files stored?

It depends on your operating system and browser settings. As a rule, you may open the latest downloads list by pressing Ctrl + J on your keyboard. In this list you may find the path to where the downloaded files are stored.

To right holders.

Dear right holders, GETOF.NET website does not host files on its servers and does not publish any links. If your copyright has been violated please contact the administration of websites, where your files are stored: youtube.com.